Casebook on Advocacy in Public Health

  • Michael Moore
  • Lucy A. Parker
  • Ildefonso Hernández-Aguado
  • Deborah Klein Walker
  • Kitaplar
  • Yayınevi
    The World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA)
  • ISBN-10(13)
  • Yayın Tarihi
    22 Mart 2022
  • Sayfa Sayısı

Kitap Hakkında

The World federation of Public Health Associations attaches paramount importance to public health advocacy as an essential function to improve the health of populations. Many public health interventions that depend on public policy decisions are only possible through high advocacy capacity.Several national associations have identified the need for examples of good practice in public health advocacy and knowledge about barriers to implementation and strategies to address them. The WFPHA Policy Committee therefore decided that a collection of actual cases of health advocacy would be useful. WFPHA now has the possibility to publish this book which gathers initiatives on public health advocacy from countries in several continents.The Casebook of Public Health Advocacy includes two introductory chapters that address the essentials of public health Advocacy and frame advocacy within the key actions of public health associations. Eighteen experiences from the five continents are described. The contributions of multiple authors address challenges that are very much on the public health agenda of the 21st century. Actions on sustainable investment in well-being and equity in health, the need for universal access to health protection and promotion, permanent issues such as exposure to dangerous chemical and
 physical risks or tobacco control are considered in these cases. Some authors focus on specific health problems, others on vulnerable groups and still others on global challenges. Overall, a wide range of examples of public health advocacy are provided, identifying organisational strategies, difficulties and barriers to their implementation and highlighting the importance of active involvement of public health professionals in working with communities to promote public health. The final chapter considers the role of advocacy within health policy formulation and reviews the remaining challenges facing the public health community in strengthening and making advocacy actions more effective. It will be necessary to invest in advocacy research, but it is also necessary, as a precautionary principle, to develop advocacy actions at all levels for global health advocacy and promotion as soon as possible.
Walter Ricciardi, President of the WFPHA

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